Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Another Day

O.k, was a little down yesterday , but after a day making cards with my lovely boys I am feeling much better in myself. I managed to make 25 cards and still have more to go.

I am off to town in a mo for a bit of retail therapy and then plan to craft again later in the afternoon,the boys are motivated as well and want to buy some craft bits for themselves.

I keep telling myself I need to stop buying and thought I had been doing well just lately but when I sat down in my craft room yesterday I realised this buying obsession just is not stopping. Over the last week alone I have bought 2 packs of 50 blank cards, a card making gift set, 3xAnitas xmas papers, vintage cards mag, the basic grey wassail and euphoria papers and the xmas forever friends papers. I love having all the new stuff but never get round to using it. I only got round to putting my stash away yesterday from my trip to the Crafts U Love shop which I visited a few weeks ago now.

I know I am not alone though and we are all mad stash buyers, will try and get some pics of my craft room up on here later on once I have had a good tidy.

Well, off to the shops, catch you laters.



Jo Power said...

I am off tomorrow toHobby craft to get some chrismas papers by K and Co and some balls to make into christmas decs I can't wait so no its not just you its me as well.

sue-bubbles said...

Love your blog Candice! I am a stash horder too..arent we all! How can we stop buying when there are so many gorgeous goodies to be had..and that we NEED!
Happy scrapping, Sue x