Tuesday, 6 May 2008


What a beautiful day, I have had to go and spend some money on some summery sort of clothes. As a scrapper this is a hard thing to do but needs must.
I have also had to entertain one of my sons friends for a while as well, she saw us come back from the shops and asked if she could come in and play as her younger sister had a friend round. I am now officially, knackered.
Did I not say I would not buy anymore stuff this week???? Well, how good am I at sticking to what I say, I ask you. No blooming good at all. I have just been advised on a fab site for all holiday scrapping papers and I have just spent a small fortune. That has got to be it now, I have no money left and my house will not be decorated if I carry on spending like this.
My credit cards have been hidden now and I think I need to close my papypal a/c from NOW.......
Still, I have got some nice bits to look forward to and hopefully they will be here Thursday lunchtime which will cheer me up after the morning at work.
Mmmmm, work, thats a different matter for all of you who have asked why my job makes me so stressed out. It is not my work that stresses me out at all. I am a TA in a reception class and absolutely love my class. I love the school and love the work, there is just one person who makes my life a living hell whenever they are around.
A few of you whom I have known for a while know a little about this person as I have chatted many times about them and I did think she was out of my hair for a while but she is now very much back like a bad rash. However, I am not going to make myself wound up anymore today as I have a day free from her tommorrow and some scrapping tonight.
I am going to try some new techniques out tonight with my scrapping as I feel my scrapping lacks quite a bit. I did have a bit of a boost today as some different people looked at some of my books today and were very complimentary. It has given me a little motivation to get going again as I was getting a little stuck in a rut.
O.K, off to get going, children just gone to bed and now its time for me.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mind is Buzzing

Been to Legoland today for the umpteenth time and taken loads more pics and am in the process of uploading them to computer.
My mind is now buzzing with ideas however and I am itching to get on with some scrapping. On the journey up I read one of my new books and got so many ideas. I have just sat and gone over them and hopefully tommorrow I will get a couple done. The boys have been spoilt this weekend so I am having a me day tommorrow whilst they play with their new toys.
I have promised myself that this is going to be a no spend this week, I really do not need any more stash, I need to start using all mine up.
I have been thinking about lots of things happening in my life at the moment and need to make a few decisions and money could become tight again so I need to pull the reigns in soon.
Need to head of to bed now as i am a little shattered and need all my energy for tommorrow.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Not really with it.

Well, its been a long time since my last post and not sure if people are reading this so will crack on anyway.
Where to start??? Well, not the best of days today anyhow as I have been up all night with my eldest son who had a terrible hypo caused by his diabetes last night. He went all wobbly about 7.30 ish and from then on I was monotoring him He started off with a reading of 2.1(which is very low for a diabetic). He was just conscious so I was able to feed him dextrose tablets and a can of full sugar coke followed by a bowl of cereal to keep him going. However after monitoring his blood for the next 3 hrs it had not crept up much at all so I had to feed him more sugar and carbos at 11pm. I sat up all night just watching him to make sure he didn't slip into uncinsciousness and to regularly check his bloods. Hubby slept in his bed whilst I had him in next to me. I am glad to say he has stabilised finally today but I am shattered.
Still , it has not stopped me getting some new stash. I have just bought the new papermania simply elegant and oriental papers. Only bought the 6x6s and border strips this time but they are really nice. Thought I had had a good week this week and not spent much but realised I have bought a sidekick, 2 scrapbbooking books, 4 magazines and 2 bazzill in stitchz templates. Beginning to think I do need some sort of therapy to get over this spending obsession.
I have however spent some of today, National Scrapbooking Day, doing some scrapping and hubby even asked if I wanted to visit The Glitter Pot today.
I turned this offer down though due to guilt as to how much I have spent, but have said he can take me next week on our way to Kent to Radio 1s Big Weekend.
O.K have babbled on now, need to get clothes and camera ready for tommorrow as we are off to Legoland if the weather stays fair.
Hope you are all enjoying a fab Bank holiday weekend.