Tuesday, 6 May 2008


What a beautiful day, I have had to go and spend some money on some summery sort of clothes. As a scrapper this is a hard thing to do but needs must.
I have also had to entertain one of my sons friends for a while as well, she saw us come back from the shops and asked if she could come in and play as her younger sister had a friend round. I am now officially, knackered.
Did I not say I would not buy anymore stuff this week???? Well, how good am I at sticking to what I say, I ask you. No blooming good at all. I have just been advised on a fab site for all holiday scrapping papers and I have just spent a small fortune. That has got to be it now, I have no money left and my house will not be decorated if I carry on spending like this.
My credit cards have been hidden now and I think I need to close my papypal a/c from NOW.......
Still, I have got some nice bits to look forward to and hopefully they will be here Thursday lunchtime which will cheer me up after the morning at work.
Mmmmm, work, thats a different matter for all of you who have asked why my job makes me so stressed out. It is not my work that stresses me out at all. I am a TA in a reception class and absolutely love my class. I love the school and love the work, there is just one person who makes my life a living hell whenever they are around.
A few of you whom I have known for a while know a little about this person as I have chatted many times about them and I did think she was out of my hair for a while but she is now very much back like a bad rash. However, I am not going to make myself wound up anymore today as I have a day free from her tommorrow and some scrapping tonight.
I am going to try some new techniques out tonight with my scrapping as I feel my scrapping lacks quite a bit. I did have a bit of a boost today as some different people looked at some of my books today and were very complimentary. It has given me a little motivation to get going again as I was getting a little stuck in a rut.
O.K, off to get going, children just gone to bed and now its time for me.

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Jo Power said...

Please come back and write some more really miss your blog.